October 13, 2016

Case Studies

Historic Public Buildings

Trend Toward Installing Sprinkler Systems Stems From Public School Mandate

Updated Fire Protection in Private Schools
Sometimes even the angels need a little help, especially when it comes to getting up to code and protecting their charges. Guardian Angels Catholic School in the Minneapolis suburb of Chaska is a lot like any educational setting, other than its heavenly school name. Its enrollment of 350 children […]

U.S. Steel MNTAC Conveyor Belts

Mountain Iron, MN
Futrell Fire provided design services that included specifications and drawings for bidding purposes outlining the approximate $1.15 million worth of sprinkler work necessary to protect 14 taconite conveyor belts. The systems included over 1,100 nozzles covering approximately 6,700 feet of conveyors as well as the transfer houses these conveyors utilize. Included in this design were wet and dry sprinkler systems with fire pumps as well as over 30 deluge systems. Futrell Fire provided over 30 drawings as well as specifications outlining the extent of the over 6,000 man hours required to complete all the work.

Independent School District 196

The Owner installed a new fire alarm system throughout the four buildings to comply with code and city requirements, affecting approximately 2,000,000 square feet. Futrell Fire provided fire code consulting as well as design and construction administration of the systems, tailored specifically to the building construction, usage, occupancy and hazards identified.

Chilean Power Station Vulnerable to Lightning Strikes, Overheating and Poor Design


Industrial Facilities


Imation WEAT


MN Dept of Agriculture Lab and Office Buildings


Industrial Sprinkler Design Protects Workers and Economic Stability

Business Interruption From Fire Can Impact Entire Community
Mountain Iron, MN
No business wants the complex ordeal of a long – or even brief – interruption because of a fire. Industrial fires especially can be devastating not only to a company but to the community providing its workforce. That was the case in 2000 in the part of northern Minnesota’s legendary […]


National Guard Armories


National Guard Armories


National Guard Armories


Cenex Harvest States Distribution Facility


Scott County Law Enforcement Center


Princeton Public Schools – ISD #477


U of M Anderson Hall – West Bank Campus


Duluth Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse


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