January 2, 2016

Gary M. Krska – Senior Fire Protection Specialist / Special Hazards

Specialties: Fire Protection Design, Special Hazards

Mr. Krska is a member of the local chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and has been working in Fire Protection since 1982, in the areas of fire suppression, detection and special hazard systems. His experience includes extensive work with low- and high-pressure CO2, and low expansion foam systems used with flammable liquids, and deluge and water spray systems for other specific special hazards.

Mr. Krska has extensive project management experience, having worked directly with the 3M Company at facilities throughout the United States for more then a decade. During that period, he participated in the development of the fire protection strategy and budgets for new projects; created the full design bid documents; worked with contractors to schedule and install the systems; and witnessed the commissioning and acceptance testing for 3M. He then documented the projects for future reference. Many of those projects were industrial remodeling or retrofits that required a working knowledge of the existing fire protection and water supply systems, the facilities’ fire protection needs, applicable codes and insurance standards, process operations as well as the new systems requirements.

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